New Way to Share Images on Classified Sites

At CraigUpload, we have made updates to our site to make it easy for our users to share their high quality images on sites that allow hyperlinks.

The photos will be displayed on static page for existing albums. For new albums or updated albums, photos will be displayed in an attractive slideshow. You can update existing albums by uploading a new photo.


>>> Click here to preview a slideshow example <<<

When customers click on the link to view your photos, your slideshow will be displayed in another window.

You can use CraigUpload's image codes on sites that do allow image tags, such as or these sites. You can also use CraigUpload’s image codes on forums that allow HTML hyperlinks or image embedding.

If you are currently using the new method to share your photos, we would love to receive your feedback & suggestions for improvement. Please email us at or post a comment below.

If you need to create an account, register here.

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2 comments on “New Way to Share Images on Classified Sites

  1. Mike oconnor on said:

    This did not make sense to me either.

    • CraigUpload Support on said:

      Hello Mike, we have created a new tutorial to assist you. Please view it at this link or click on the link at the end of this article.